Returns Policy

If you feel like a good that you receive is not accurate it can be returned within 30 days, as per the below policy.

Variety Bookroom does not provide refunds for if you change your mind on a product.

We will not provide a refund if the goods have been damaged or used incorrectly.

We will not provide a refund after 30 days of purchase.

Variety Bookroom does comply with Australian Consumer Law and will provide a refund if the goods purchased are not fit for purpose or do not match the description outlined on the site.

Goods on this site are second hand and are covered by the guarantee of acceptable quality.

Variety Bookroom makes every effort to ensure that the age and condition are taken into account in determining the price of the item.

You understand that the goods are not new and may have wear and damage on them and every effort is made by us to ensure that they are accurately represented and their flaws highlighted.

You agree that you have the right to contact the team if you wish for more information on the condition of a book and by purchasing a second hand book you are agreeing to the condition of the book as per the photos and description.

Due to the age of some of the books, Variety Bookroom does not hold responsibility for the books if they are mistreated and damaged further from misuse.

How to process a return

If you purchase a product and you deem that it does not accurately match the description and/or photos of the product you may contact the team within 30 days of purchase to discuss the dispute and obtain a refund or credit/exchange.

To begin the process of a return you are required to contact the store and discuss the reason you feel like the item does not match the description or is not fit for the purpose.

You can contact me on (61) 409 173 747 or by filling out the below form

When contacting the store please make sure you advise date of purchase and you name and contact so the team can discuss the return with you further.

Once the refund/return is accepted we will then process an exchange/credit or refund to you within a timely manner.