Some books are more valuable than they might appear at first sight. They might be rare first editions, or they might be signed by the author. Sometimes, books are valuable because they are very old. Here are some examples.

The Adventures of Sally


P.G. Wodehouse. Published by Herbert Jenkins Limited, St. James, London. Twelfth printing. 312 pages, hardcover, good condition, no dust jacket.

Elementary Photo-Micrography


by Walter Bagshaw (with forty-five illustrations by the author), 2nd Edition. Published by Iliffe & Sons Limited, London, 1909, First Edition. Hard cover, spine faded, no dust-jacket.

The Wednesday Pony


by Primrose Cumming, with illustrations by Stanley Lloyd. Published by Blackie, London and Glasgow. Hardcover, excellent condition, some deterioration at the top of the dust-jacket.

Mark Twain\'s Letters From Hawaii


Edited by A. Grove Day. Published by Chatto & Windus, London, 1967. Hardcover, 298 pages, excellent condition, including dust-jacket.

The Vision of Asia


An Interpretation of Chinese Art and Culture, by L. Cranmer-Byng.  Published by John Murray, Albermarle St, London, First Edition 1932. Hardcover, clear plastic cover on dust-jacket. Good condition.  

Before I Die Again


The autobiography of Chad Varah, the founder of The Samaritans.  Published by Constable, London, 1992. Excellent condition, including Dust-Jacket.

Aesop\'s Fables


Cassell's Library for Little People. In words of one syllable. "With four coloured plates and numerous illustrations". Published by Cassell & Company, date uncertain. Some damage to front cover. Cardboard covers with cloth spine. Approx 13 x 17 cm.

My Friends the Hungry Generation


By Jane Duncan. Published by Macmillan, 1968. 252 pages. Hardcover with clear plastic protection on dust-jacket. Very good condition.

To Build a Land


By Sally Watson. Published by Hutchinson of London 1962. 184 pages. Hardcover with clear plastic cover on dust-jacket. Excellent condition.

The Wizard of Mordialloc - The Life of Jack Holt


By Maurice Cavanough. Published by F.W. Cheshire, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, 1962. 68 pages. Hardcover, with clear plastic over slightly damaged dust-jacket.

The Imp at Westcombe


By Irene Smith.  Published by Hutchinson, London. Date uncertain. 216 pages. Hardcover with clear plastic on dust-jacket. Excellent condition.

The Windmill Family/ Harlequin Corner


By Pamela Brown. Published by Super Hampton Library. Two books back to back in a clear plastic cover.

The Kentons of Croft House


By Olive L Groom. Published by Pickering & Inglis, London, 1953. 125 pages. Very good condition. Awarded by Thorpdale Methodist Sunday School in 1959.

Arrivederci Roma Hello Melbourne


By Franco Dompietro. Subtitled "The Story of an Italian Migrant". Self published, first edition, 2010, 50 copies only. Large hardcover, 29 x 20.5 cm. Large print. Excellent condition. No dust-jacket.

A Standard Guide to Pre-Bred Dogs


Compiled and Edited by Harry Glover. Published by Macmillan, London, 1977. 472 pages. Large hardcover, some wear on dust-jacket. Very good condition.  

Scooby Doo... Where Are You? Annual


Hanna Barbera. Published by Brown Watson, London, 1978.

Theatre of the Impossible - Puppet Theatre in Australia


By Maeve Vella and Helen Rickards.  Published by Craftsman House, 1989.  167 pages. Ex Lavalla Catholic College library, Moe. Large Hardcover with dust-jacket. Excellent condition.  

Harvest Vegetarian


By Adam de Ath. Includes vegan and gluten-free recipes. Published by New Holland (Australia) 2010. Hardcover with dust-jacket. Excellent condition.

Luci Attwell\'s Sleepytime Tales


Published by Dean & Son Ltd, 1970. Large print, fully illustrated. Hardcover, no dust-jacket. Very good condition.

Chemistry 2nd Edn


Blackman, Bottle, Schmid, Mocerino & Wille, Wiley & Sons, 2012,  Excellent condition.

Chemistry 2nd Edn


Blackman, Bottle, Schmid, Mocerino and Wille.  Wiley & Sons, 2012. Excellent Condition.

A Cultural Table of Orchidaceous Plants


By J. Murray Cox. First edition, published by The Shepherd Press, Sydney, 1946. 378 pages. Hardcover, no dust-jacket.  

Gardens of a Golden Afternoon


By Edwin Lutyens & Gertrude Jekyll. The story of a partnership. Published by Penguin, 1982. Softcover, 208 pages. Some scuffing on cover, otherwise very good condition.

The Book of Indians


By Holling C. Holling.  Published by The Platt & Munk Co Inc, New York. 1935. 128 pages.

The New Target Book for Boys


Published by Spring Books, London, undated. 252 pages. Large hardcover, cloth spine.

Noddy\'s Own Nursery Rhymes


By Enid Blyton. Published by Samson Low, Marston & Co Ltd and D.V. Publications Ltd, London, 1958. Hardcover, cloth spine. Fair condition.

The Dinah Shore American Kitchen


Subtitled "Homestyle Cooking With Flair". Signed by author. Published by Doubleday, 1990. 304 pages. Large hardcover, excellent condition.

5 War Memorial Books


This set of 5 books are produced by the Australian War Memorial between 1941 and 1945. No dust jackets but generally good condition. "Soldiering On, The Australian Army at Home and Overseas" shows more wear and tear than the others but still fair condition. Hoping to sell as a set but willing to consider offers.

The Story of 25 Eventful Years in Pictures - the Silver Jubilee Book


A photographic history of 25 years in the reign of King George V, 1910-1935. Published by Odhams Press Ltd, undated. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, fair condition. Brilliant sepia photographs, documenting a turbulent and innovative period of modern history.  

Humphrey\'s Fairy Queen and Other Stories


By Hon. Zoe Plunket. Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, Limited, London, 1920. 72 pages. Small hardcover, some scuffing on cover. No dust-jacket.

Textbook for Midwives


By Margaret F. Myles. 2nd Edition reprint, published by E & S. Livingstone Ltd, Edinburgh and London, 1956.  711 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket, excellent condition.

Destiny - How Port Adelaide put itself on the national stage


by Norman Ashton, Wakefield Press, 2018, Hardcover, New, 185 pages This fascinating book tracks Port Adelaide's tumultuous, often controversial journey to the Australian Football League: from 1981 when the VFL (Victorian Football League) began to expand into a national competition, to 1994, when Port Adelaide finally won its licence, beating out the teams that had become bitter rivals along the way.

Echoes From the Mountains - History of the Omeo Shire Council


By A.M. Pearson MBE. Published 1969. 404 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket, very good condition.

William James Farrer, a Biography


By Archer Russell. Published by F.W. Cheshire, Melbourne & London, 1949. 226 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket, some minor damage. Very good condition.

Lillipilly Hill


By Eleanor Spence. Published by Oxford University Press, 1960. Hardcover with clear plastic cover on dust-jacket. Very good condition.

If I Were You


By P.G. Wodehouse. Published by Herbert Jenkins Limited, London, 6th edition, undated. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, fair condition,

The Skipper Parson


By James Lumsden. Published by Charles H. Kelly, London. U.K. edition 1906. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, fair condition.

Quetzal Quest


By Victor W. v.Hagen and Quail Hawkins. The story of the capture of the Quetzal, the sacred bird of the Aztecs and the Maya. Illustrated by Antonio Sotomayor. Published by Oxford University Press, London. 209 pages. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, fair condition.

Cordon Bleu Summer Cookery


Published by B.P.C. Publishing, 1971. 143 pages. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, excellent condition.

Struggle and Storm


By Meg Tasker. The life and death of Francis Adams. Published by Melbourne University Press, 2001. 259 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket, excellent condition.

Wings to the World


By Sir Hudson Fysh. The Story of Qantas 1945-1966. Published by Angus & Robertson, 1970. 236 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket, ex-library, excellent condition.

Equine Veterinary Books


  • The Illustrated Veterinary Encyclopedia for Horsemen, Published bu Equine Research, Texas, 1977.  Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 728 pages.
  • Care & Training of the Trotter & Pacer, published by the United States Trotting Association, 1968. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 1054 pages.
  • Conditioning to Win, Published by Equine Research, Texas, 1974. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 312 pages.
  • Feeding to Win, Published by Equine Research, Texas, 1973. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 314 pages.
  • Veterinary Treatments & Medications for Horsemen, Published by Equine Research, Texas, 1977. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 612 pages.
  • Breeding Management & Foal Development. Published by Equine Research, Texas, 1982. Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 700 pages.
  • Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners, by Captain M Horace Hayes. Published by Stanley Paul, London, 16th Revised Edition, 1976. Softcover, 656 pages.
All books in excellent condition. Prefer to sell together. POA.



Native Orchids of Australia


David L Jones First Edition 1988, Reed Books Pty Ltd, Frenchs Forest, NSW ISBN: 073010189 Hardcover, lavishly illustrated with both full colour photographs and line drawings, excellent condition, slight wear on the dustjacket

Victorian Shipwrecks


Subtitled "All wrecks in Victorian Waters and Bass Strait, including King Island and the Kent Group" Written by J.K. Loney, published in 1971 by Hawthorn Press, Melbourne. Very good condition. Small tear at corner of dust-jacket. Please allow $10 for postage within Australia.  

Bush Ballads of Australia


Published 1985, 240 pages of classic Australian poetry, with black and white illustrations throughout. Condition fair to good, some blackening on top edge.


Life stories

Childrens Books

Childrens fiction and non-fiction


Home and Leisure

Cooking, crafts, collectibles, fishing, etc

Pre 1970 Fiction

Any work of fiction published before 1970



by O. Douglas. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1951. Hard cover, good condition, 320 pages.

Post 1970 Fiction

Any work of fiction published in 1970 or later.

The Collector’s Encyclopaedia of Dolls


Dorothy S, Elizabeth A and Evelyn J Coleman. 1968 ISBN: 0709113005 Large Hardcover, 695 pages, black & white illustrations with some colour plates. Excellent condition, including dustcover.

The Rose - A Complete Handbook


Roy Genders 1965 classic. 622 pages, Large Hardcover.

China Mending & Restoration


by C.S.M.Parsons & F.H.Curl. Faber & Faber 1963. Hardcover, 435 p. Good condition, small hole in dust-jacket spine.

The Initials of the Heart


The Initials in the Heart, Lawrence Whistler, Published by Rupert Hart-Davis, 1964. Hardcover, good condition, some scuffing on the corners of the dust-jacket. "Lawrence Whistler, poet and engraver on glass, tells the story of his life with Jill Furse, a young actress of great beauty and promise, and of their five-year marriage cut short by death. Though tragic in brevity, it is a love-story of extreme happiness, still growing through the bitter separations of war.  

Sally Baxter Girl Reporter - Hong Kong Deadline


by Sylvia Edwards. Published by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, 1960. Hard cover, good condition, including dust-cover. 185 pages.

The Lyrebird – Australia’s Wonder Songster


R T Littlejohns First Edition 1938, Angus & Robertson, Sydney and London Hardcover, black & white photographs throughout, good condition, dustcover torn along spine.

Pre 1900

Any book published before 1900.

War and Military

Books about any warfare